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Pultruded composite profiles are increasing being used in a variety of applications. With the high strength, low weight, non-corrosive features, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) materials are rapidly growing in demand, and FRP pultrusions are leading the way.

The manufacturing of pultruded profiles is the most efficient method of forming composite materials with consistent high quality and low scrap. The continuous process of FRP pultrusion allows high strength composite products to be produced at the absolute lowest cost.

Pultrusions.org is here to help the world find all composite and FRP pultrusion information available.


How it works - What is FRP Pultrusion

Pultrusion Machine

Learn how a pultrusion machine works, and why it is so effective at creating high strength composites at a low cost.
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Tricks of the Trade: Manufacturing FRP Pultrusions

Pultrusion Die

In the pultrusion process there are many tricks of the trade that can only be found through experience... Learn some of the tips here.
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Advantages of Pultrusion

Pultrusion Fiber Rovings

Discover the benefits of using pultrusion to manufacture your composite product.
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Pultrusion Resources

Pultrusion companies, manufacturers, suppliers. Composite and pultrusion resources, associations, and articles.
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Glossary of Terms

Collection of terms used in the composites and pultrusion industry.
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